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A secured collaboration platform for users to connect from different locations.


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We facilitate visual communication for your business with your team, clients, partners anywhere and anytime. Save travel commute time while reducing carbon footprint in significant ways. With all the perks, no wonder Roundesk video conference software will be your preferred choice for businesses worldwide.



To help people connect from any device of their choice, regardless of where they’re located.



Making the world a more intimate place and ushering in a new era of digitally inflected working and business models

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From scheduling a roster call to attracting potential leads

Offers mobility and flexibility to your workforce, team, client and business

Our video conferencing software technology has a myriad of features like chat, whiteboard, screen sharing, file sharing and more, that result in a rich video conference experience.

We’re the trusted partner for companies of all sizes to connect, collaborate, secure their workforces, and support employees and customers and elevate business collaboration.

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Meet our clients who chose us as their video communication platform to embrace remote working models  while driving effective engagement.

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We build the tools that gears up a remote-centric workplace. Elevate your business’ collaborations Roundesk video conferencing software for an enriching experience!