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Roundesk Townhall – Host Webinars and online session for Large Groups


Effectively collaborate with your global audience.

Reach thousands of new and potential leads at once through

Size it up — collaborate with your whole team faster and better

Provide a remote audience with access to an in-depth presentation on any subject or topic.

Recording and playback

Make your presentations available to remote audiences who can’t attend or missed attending. Ensure they still catch the information at their convenient time.

Instant Polls and Engagement

Ask your audience a poll question and let them vote in real time. Effectively communicate with your online audience and effortlessly collect their opinions and instant feedback.

White Board Presentations

Helps you educate your audience in an interactive aspect using visual tools while keeping your audience interested and engaged in the subject throughout the presentation.

Breakout Rooms

Carry on small group discussions post keynote speech or live learning on a subject on what your audience just experienced and learned during the virtual presentation.

Instant Screen Sharing

Collaborate with your audience, share your screen to present a slide deck, or guide the audience through a product or website for a better understanding on a subject.

Broadcast, Join from any Device

Enables a broader reach to connect with anyone from anywhere, beyond the internal all hands to global audience broadcasting live events from devices of your choice.

Business use cases - Roundesk Townhall

Amplify the engagement on your training, sales pitch and internal team communication.

Roundesk Webinar Features

HQ Video and Audio

Deliver crystal clear meetings with DOLBY audio and HD Video quality.

Easy to Use

Participants can easily join and participate in sessions through our intuitive UI.

Any Device, Anytime

Share your meeting link as a fast from and across your own devices.

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Real time collaboration

Multiple users can join the audio video call together simultaneously.


Promote your brand effortlessly!

Live stream a smooth, high-quality, interactive and engaging video. Delight your attendees with informative webinars and give your attendees informative experience for assured conversions to your business.