Cloud Video Conferencing Solutions

Roundesk Empower your distributed workforce, making collaboration instant.


For a reliable and quality and effective communication

Instantly connect with anybody, anywhere, at any time.

Perks of opting Roundesk Cloud Video Conference Software

Channelise your team, clients, and customers towards efficient and engaging meetings

Access on the go

Onboard global team members instead of being limited to regional employees as everyone can log in to the platform to attend team meetings, training sessions, and more!

Simple to set-up

Easier to implement when compared to locally hosted solutions, as users don’t have to download the software on their desktop, or no complex setup process is involved.

Record and Playback

Ensures that everyone has all the important details and lets the participants review the meeting to uncover details they might have missed the first time.

Effectively interact

Participants can ask questions, share feedback through, and share thoughts and opinions in the group discussions and encourage collaborative problem solving.

Regular updates

Feature updates are automatically upgraded to all connected video systems and apps to ensure that your team is running on the latest software version every time.

Secured Communication

End-to-end-encryption allows you to conduct meetings with anyone inside or outside your organization in a private manner, meaning we don’t get access to your data.

For 1:1 or larger team meetings

No need to jump on a plane or drive anywhere for the meeting, it’s all done virtually.

Roundesk Cloud Features

HQ Video and Audio

Deliver crystal clear meetings with DOLBY audio and HD Video quality.

Easy to Use

Participants can easily join and participate in sessions through our intuitive UI.

Any Device, Anytime

Share your meeting link as a fast from and across your own devices.

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Real time collaboration

Multiple users can join the audio video call together simultaneously.


Catch up updates on the go!

Reach us today to get a Roundesk cloud meeting for collaboration, productivity, and increased engagement with colleagues, stakeholders, and customers all without the hassle of traveling to an in-person location!