On-Prem Video Conferencing Software

Roundesk On-Prem – For end-to-end encrypted meetings!


Exchange sensitive information with our enterprise-grade security

Perks to opt Roundesk On Prem Video Conferencing Software

Host within your organization’s own environment.

Recommended for highly regulated industry where sensitive data are exchanged.

Enterprise-Grade Security

It is the company that hosts the application in its infrastructure. This defends the data exposed to risks such as interception, distortion and leak of sensitive data and information.

Customize the Way You Want

Customize and add a personal touch on key elements of the meeting experience to your video conferences in a wide variety of ways to best match your business needs.

Full Control

Have full control over your data and no other party will have access to it. Deploy and control the video conferencing server, the routing and storage of your data on your network.

Easy to Maintain

Eliminate the hassle of installing and updating our product across your enterprise. Roundesk On-prem video conferencing solution updates the applications while you sit back and relax

Best Suited for Regulated Industries

Great for organizations dealing with sensitive data, such as legal, healthcare, and finance who follow stringent cybersecurity regulations and often host their data onsite.

Zero Learning Curve

Roundesk on-premise video conferencing is self-explanatory and intuitive, so it doesn’t require hard to understand training sessions or going through time consuming manuals.

Vault your data behind Roundesk On-Prem

Use cases highlighting a sense of safety, ownership and keeping your data within your reach.

Roundesk On-Prem Features

HQ Video and Audio

Deliver crystal clear meetings with DOLBY audio and HD Video quality.

Easy to Use

Participants can easily join, in sessions through our intuitive UI.

Any Device, Anytime

Share your meeting link as a fast from and across your own devices.

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Real time collaboration

Multiple users can join the audio video call together simultaneously.


Secure collaboration solution!

Whether it’s a quick huddle with your team or a formal meeting with your clients and customers, Roundesk On-Prem is the best video conferencing solution that helps you keep the sessions glitch-free.