Aviation Push to Talk Audio Video Calls

Roundesk Skip those time-consuming dialing and typing protocols instead react proactively in the push of a button.

Caters to the instant communication needs of the deskless workforce and helps your aviation business streamline remote communication.

During aircraft maintenance times or the time between arrival and departure of the aircraft, it becomes critical that the field workforce should be able to exchange information constantly; even amidst the loud aircraft engine noises. The complication is that the team has to inform each other of the current status to react quickly to any circumstances.

Using walkie-talkies is always an additional burden and troublesome to carry around while on site. Also, the battery life doesn’t last long so recharging of the devices had to be taken into turns between worker shifts. This results in a situation when some workers do not have a device at all times.

Disconnection while updating important status is an inevitable inconvenience that happens frequently to the aircraft team. It becomes a real struggle for them to stay in connection with each other. The outcome is a downward graph in the productivity of the aircraft maintenance team.

Offer instant and consistent connection at all times for the team so that there is hardly any disconnect during the transmission.

Download on the go

Can be easily installed on iOS or Android phones instead of procuring costly not so comfortable-to-carry hardware.

Stay on Track

Lets you make not just a one-to-one call, but also invite your entire crew members for a call so that everyone is aligned towards the same goal.

Do more than Talking

Securely sending text and sharing documents, multimedia information, and streaming video within the app lets all team members keep each other informed.

End-to-end encryption

Voice or data are encrypted to the highest standards. To keep PTT communications private, Roundesk’s AES 256-bit encryption delivers secure information exchange.

Instant Connectivity

Connect instantly at the press of a button, rather than wasting crucial time in dialing and typing procedures or waiting for a response.

Reap the benefits of uninterrupted and instant communication in time-sensitive bound situations

Companies don’t need to purchase expensive hardware, write complex coding, or maintain any infrastructure. This removes all necessities of owning and maintaining infrastructure.
PTT apps integrated with smartphones use 4G/5G cellular instead of two-way radios which produce unstable audio and considerable static noise with the use of a walkie-talkie.
Can be easily installed on the users’ smartphones, which means the field workforce need not carry multiple devices to work.
Administrators can consolidate all field workforce into the PTT and create separate groups specific to departments or locations to avoid miscommunication.
Has a simple user interface that does not require much training for any of your workforce and its intuitive design needs a zero learning curve.

Swap from old-school walkie-talkie devices to PTT apps that can go beyond communication, enabling businesses to drive security and safety for their employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Push-to-talk app over a regular walkie-talkie?

Roundesk Push-to-talk app lets your crew members instantly connect from the device of their choice. As a hands-free communication method, a push-to-talk switch helps pilots to keep their focus on flying.

What are the challenges otherwise when a regular walkie-talkie is used for communication?

Regular walkie-talkies are big, and troublesome to carry around while on the job. Also, if the battery life is poor, recharging of the devices has to be simultaneously taken care of. This hinders a smooth flow of communication and operation.

Does the app work well when surrounded around loud aircraft engine noises?

Yes! Its noise cancellation, Dolby audio functionality makes communication easy, even in noisy environments.

Does the crew member need any training to use the app?

A quick message and speed dial capabilities with just a push of a button enable seamless, easy-to-use functionality and need zero learning curve.

Is this app for voice calling and sending text messages?

No! It is more than voice calling or sending text messages. You can share documents, and pictures or make a video call to a group or to one person.