Banking Video Conferencing

Roundesk Empower Banks To Build Trusting Relationships, And Take Your Customer Service Delivery to the Next Level

Incorporate a human-centric and efficient mode of communication for a truly personalized banking experience

It becomes quite tedious for bank customers to seek service and product information by making multiple visits to branch locations. During such times, aggressive sales talks by your sales rep can have a toxic effect on your customers.

In such instances, quick video conferencing is preferred. It is considered convenient, personal, and engaging, and problems or questions are resolved much faster over traditional wait times at the branch.

Also instead of banks having to place experts in every branch, it enables advisors from any location to speak with customers face-to-face using their phone or laptop which is far more instant and cost-effective.

Plug into the digital era of customer service, build the morale of your customers, and effortlessly elevate your brand

HD Video/Dolby Audio

The customer and the service representative see and hear each other through crystal clear audio/video quality.

Collaborate Effectively

Discuss and resolve complex financial matters quickly with the help of visual aids and real-time screen sharing.

Share Information

Helps you do product demonstration through necessary file sharing and enables customers to ask questions over text messages

1-1 Meetings

Provide one-to-one consultations and offers, and improve customer satisfaction, build customer relationships

End-to-End Encryption

AES 256-bit encryption keeps employee and client information safe from hackers during remote video banking sessions.

Infuse a personal touch to your customers and delight them with an instant interactive experience

Lets customers solve their queries from the comfort of their home or office, without having to wait in line
Help reduce operational costs by eliminating the need for rentals
Access services and reach the support team with no need to worry about operating hours.
Recommend products and services relevant to your customer needs, make personalized suggestions and increase their overall satisfaction with your service.
Transform a traditional branch into a more responsive sales channel, and offer more products and services relevant to your customers’ saving and investment goals with live use cases and success stories demos.

Embrace Roundesk Video conferencing solution to stay competitive and foster more robust, lasting connections with your customers in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a video conference for banking make customer service more personable?

It lets your agents invite customers to a video chat when necessary. Seeing a friendly face and a visual conversation eases the customer’s mind and makes their experience more personalized.

How likely a connect through this app to help resolve issues more quickly?

Imagine when a grumpy customer wants to complain about or has trouble completing application forms. Explaining to the agent what’s happening over a real-time video chat, over a ticket, sending back-and-forth emails, or making the customer wait for support can help your agents understand the issue more quickly and resolve it in real-time. The customer will also feel delighted to be helped in this situation.

How does a video conference enhance the banking experience?

Instead of making customers wait in long lines to reply to their email or respond to support after a long IVR dialing, video conference makes it easy, as advisors can hop on video calls with customers just a few clicks away, making you benefit from these personable interactions.

Does this mean our customers need not travel to visit our financial advisors and experts?

With the Roundesk video conference, the answer is a BIG Yes! You can provide service to any of your customers from any place without making them have to come to your physical locations.

How safe is this app to use for a video call?

The video conference app is end-to-end encrypted. This means that all your conversations are kept private and secure, so our app, as a trusted option to choose from, can help you call with confidence.