Business Video Conferencing

Roundesk Make every experience memorable by being there for your customers, even if you physically can’t!

From managing remote teams to closing business deals overseas, this meets all your critical business needs

Today, organizations, be it small or large, have a dispersed workforce that needs to be brought together in all the important team activities that will help them be productive and engaged. Working over a project or an issue always demands a lengthy conversation through email or catch-up meetings can cause confusion. Instead get your team aligned faster through a quick video conference, helping reduce the amount of time it takes to complete projects or tasks.

Get your team included, talk over, or get heard from everyone during digital meetings


Security-first architecture designed with 256-bit AES encryption that helps keep all organizations’ data safe and ensures that no one gains unauthorized access.


Real-time document sharing makes it easy for everyone to examine the files they need, contribute to the discussion, and make everyone’s presence valued.

HD Streaming

Whether you’re after clarity on a work project or simply want to connect with your people, we offer crystal-clear visuals and audio allowing you to have an in-person experience.


Be it remote work or hybrid work movement, brainstorm with your team anytime from anywhere, offer input, and suggestions, and arrive at a feasible solution.

Chat room

Share discussion relevant information over a text with a group of other users. Everyone can decide to participate in, or at least see relevant conversations.

Elevate your business' collaborations with an elite video conferencing experience!

SMEs can set up quickly with no hassle. Our apps are cheaper when compared to organizing physical meetings and require zero tech skills.
Schedule business meetings and work with your team from the device of the user’s choice.
Collaborate right from your browser with no downloads or intuitive easy-to-use application.
Bring on top talent no matter where they live and gain an advantage over your competition.
It’s otherwise capital intensive for a company to organize a physical meeting when the team or client is widespread across the globe; As it has to cover all traveling costs of all participants. While Roundesk cloud video conferencing solutions help to eliminate this unnecessary cost.

Seamlessly integrate Roundesk cloud video conferencing applications into any of your existing business ecosystems. We offer free consultations and help us learn more about your business and offer plans based on your goals and needs. If you’re interested in Roundesk cloud video conferencing development, we’d love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this help solve customer issues anyway?

Absolutely that’s a vaWhile a customer’s message over text can mistakenly be interpreted with a negative tone, issues are solved by seeing them face-to-face. Also, customers have an easier time explaining their concerns when they can visually express what they are saying. Thus, the Roundesk video conference helps both parties understand each other better to reach solutions quickly and efficiently.lid question. But are those apps' infrastructure encrypted? and is your exchanged information protected? If you paused even for a second then Roundesk Video conference app should be the right choice.

Does this mode bring any monetary benefit to my business?

Undoubtedly Yes! A video engagement helps you provide immediate assistance in combat challenges such as long queue times, multiple touchpoints, and communication issues, thus significantly cutting down on hiring more support teams, which translates to lesser operational costs.

Will my customers be able to understand how to use this app?

Yes! Roundesk cloud video conferencing works right in a user's browser. This eliminates the time it would take customers to download software or time-consuming sign-up procedures to interact with your customer support person.

On which platform does this app work smoother?

Yes! You Our app is accessible across all the platforms your customers use to experience your product. These include iOS and Android, and the desktop version of your website.can save meetings and can easily access and reuse them for your future reference.

How does this app benefit my in-house customer support department?

All the video calls can be recorded, which can later be played back as a reference as you scale up your business and new hires join in.