Government Video Conferencing

Roundesk Fuel Clear Communication, Work Efficiently, Serve Constituents and Lead a Strong Governance

For confidential and mission-critical video meetings between government officials and agencies.

Government bodies handle innumerable critical data, streamline them among various departments, and provide continuous public services. As citizens are already in the digital realm, it becomes crucial for government agencies to fully embrace and leverage remote communication. It enables them to not just operate efficiently but also securely.

Feature-rich solutions for Government users to leverage and improve their agency’s operations:

Cohesive virtual meeting space

Immersive View allows hosts to arrange up to 1000 video participants into a single virtual background, to connect and collaborate in a cohesive virtual meeting space.

Complies with the stringent requirements

Delivers an intuitive and secure experience. A scalable and flexible platform helps governmental organizations achieve their critical goals efficiently.


Security-first architecture designed with 256-bit AES encryption that helps keep all organizations’ data safe while meeting the collaboration needs of your organization.

Improved Collaboration

Granular permissions allow for real-time sharing of files and documents making it possible to work on projects together, share insights, and make collective decisions.


Interoperable with all browsers and devices enabling officials to easily schedule meetings, invite participants, and share files regardless of what type of device they are using.

Modernize internal communication while also strengthening external relationships, for smoother operations across every level of government.

Connect during unexpected events like natural disasters, power outages, or health crises, ensuring that the agency’s operations can continue uninterrupted.
Saving and channeling the time to travel through a quick scheduled call not just exponentially increases productivity.
Smoother inter-agency communications and the ability to make real-time situational assessments help maintain readiness at all times.
Each department gets the transparency of the current progress of the projects and the appropriate role of the associates involved.
Enable government staff and agencies to communicate face-to-face with the masses, answer questions, and explain their stands.

Government agencies are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce overhead costs. Roundesk cloud Video conferencing expands outreach capabilities, saves money and time on information transfer and decision-making, and increases efficiency in a matter of clicks while shielding all your communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this virtual conferencing hold the same seriousness as in-person meetings?

Since telepresence and HD videoconferencing and Dolby audio quality, you can replicate face-to-face meetings effectively, government agencies located across the country and even abroad can collaborate easily in real-time, from any place where a stable Internet connection exists.

How efficient are these when it comes to remote connectivity?

Traveling and commuting, or scheduling an appointment based on everyone’s availability comes with lots of challenges. However, Roundesk cloud video conferencing eliminates the need to spend time traveling, instead simply clock in when a meeting starts. This reduction in travel costs saves money and channelise it towards welfare making it one of the most important benefits of video conferencing for the government.

How does this app help during an emergency crisis?

Roundesk cloud video conferencing helps to improve emergency response times. Moreover, it allows teams to make quick operational decisions during critical situations, including critical needs assessment, crisis communications, alerting departments and government officials, and ensuring the safety of citizens.

How does it support crucial meetings?

Roundesk cloud video conferencing the need for travel and time restrictions that are usually a hiccup when it comes to in-person meetings. Schedule meetings that are coherent with the key speakers and participants, thus making virtual meetings an absolute boon.

Does it favours inter-departments?

Departments that could be interrelated yet they have different operational regions. In such scenarios, every department becomes aware of the progress of projects and the roles of associates involved through instant virtual meetings and real-time collaborations.