Healthcare Video Conferencing

Roundesk An Innovative Virtual Platform to Improve Your Healthcare Delivery, and Your Patient Experience

Improve the quality of patient care cost-effectively whilst ensuring resilience and secured communication

Experiencing hiccups in streamlining appointments and follow-ups with patients? Roundesk Cloud video Conferencing Solutions help you to communicate easily irrespective of geographic location. It lets your healthcare team and patients interact virtually through video or audio.

Range of features that change the dynamics of how your health care team connects with your patients

Seamless Digital Experience

Easy-to-use, one-click web browser experience application that can be accessed with no downloads

Waiting Rooms

Allows patients to remotely check in for appointments, gives flexibility, and reduces the stress of waiting times and missed appointments.

Encryption and other security protocols

Offers end-to-end encryption, secure user authentication, and robust data protection measures to ensure the privacy of the patients is upheld.

Facilitates Collaboration

Connect using messaging, video meetings, or phone calls from anywhere. Allows easy sharing of reports and documents between doctors and patients.

HD Video and Dolby audio quality

With high-quality video and Dolby audio, both patients and doctors can hear and discuss uninterruptedly, making it feel like everyone is right there in the same room.

Enhance patient experience and optimize the schedules of your healthcare team regardless of location or device.

Frequent trips can be inconvenient if patients need to use a wheelchair, breathing apparatus, or other supportive medical devices. Our app helps doctors monitor patients with a computer, smartphone, or tablet, reducing the need for travel.
Access a patient’s medical history and records, collaborate with other doctors or specialists in real-time, and provide immediate updates on the patient’s health progress to the family members.
Booking online consultation in no time without traveling to hospitals in different cities or countries, helps you get the best advice from healthcare specialists during an emergency when every second counts.
Helps you access advanced healthcare services in the comfort of your home. Enables healthcare professionals to check their reports through file-sharing and provide prescriptions in no time.
Consult doctors face-to-face through online conferencing helps build a strong relationship with the patients instilling confidence in the doctor-patient bond, which translates to patient loyalty and enhanced healthcare.

By leveraging Roundesk cloud-based video conference helps streamline communication processes, reduce costs, and provide better patient outcomes.

The Healthcare industry needs to handle all kinds of emergency calls around the clock, so a reliable Video Conferencing Solution provider is the first choice of every client. Roundesk Video conferencing solution identifies and supports the custom solution per the client’s need by offering quick implementation backed by 24×7 support. Connect with us today to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Roundesk Cloud Video Conferencing Solution?

Roundesk Cloud Video Conferencing Solution is an online platform that serves patients and doctors from eliminating the boundaries of quality healthcare within a wall to online video consultations and managing patient’s medical records.

How can I access this app?

Roundesk Cloud Video Conferencing Solution is cross-platform supported and will be available across computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Is Roundesk Cloud Video Conferencing Solution a substitute for regular doctor visits?

No, Roundesk Cloud Video Conferencing Solution is NOT a substitute for regular doctor visits.

When is this app recommended?

Our app is recommended to be used when your patients are looking for non-critical care, a follow-up or second opinion, reviewing medical reports, initial treatments, and such cases.

Is the patient health data secure?

Roundesk Cloud Video Conferencing Solution is compliant with medical security standards. Health records are shared securely only between the doctor and the patients.