Finance Video Conferencing

Roundesk Transform the obsolescent branch into a vibrant sales channel that is more responsive, and access to remote experts.

Roundesk On-Prem video conference software - Schedule a secured meeting while hosting the application in your very own infrastructure.

Anyone working in the banking and financial domain has and is always delivering their services in person to counsel and advise their clients.

Your clients either visited the bank or financial firms’ premises for in-person meetings In either way, this can be a time-consuming affair in terms of traveling and planning for the meeting.

Instead launch video banking, giving your clients 24/7 access to reps through video conferencing. Roundesk On-Prem video conference software lets you schedule a meeting while hosting the application in your very own infrastructure.

Provide face-to-face interaction a offer a convenience-rich experience


Screen share, and educate your client on subjects that they need clarification about

Easy to Use

The intuitive app allows users to easily log in and quickly engage with one another.

High-quality audio and video

Enjoy crystal communication and enhanced collaboration between your clients and team

Easy to integrate

Easily schedule, launch, and manage meetings through Microsoft, Google Calendar apps.

Call Recording

Recording option makes it easy to record your call to recall the business conversation.

Be it formalities for opening a new account or suggesting an investment portfolio for your customers, make everything possible at a fraction of the cost

Virtual catch-up saves time for both parties but also allows for a more personalized and interactive experience
Whether it’s opening an account, applying for a mortgage, or seeking financial advice, customers can engage with expert advisors from any location
Addresses the unique needs of tech-savvy millennials, new-to-banking customers, busy professionals, and senior citizens alike
Instead of queuing up at a bank and waiting for their turn, customers can effortlessly resolve their issues through a video chat
Allow your customer to connect with you in the comfort of their home, office, or pretty much anywhere in the world.

If you haven’t already thought of using video conferencing for your finance business then now is the time to leap Roundesk On-Prem video conferencing. To know how Roundesk can help, get your schedule for a quick demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is on-premise best suited for banking?

Yes! As banking and financial industries are tightly regulated industries that need to comply with stringent security requirements, on-prem ensures that all customer data are locally stored through which you can benefit from an on-premises environment.

Are adequate security measures in place?

Any calls you make through our video conferencing platform, such as the in-transit web requests, AES 256-bit encrypted to ensure that no user info or conversation is leaked or breached by potential vulnerabilities

Does it support any one particular platform or device?

No, the app natively works with the tools you like to enable one click to join from any platform or device.

Features apart from quality and safe calls?

Helps you exchange messages in personal chats, and collaborate on shared files and documents with screen sharing, and recording.

How does it make meeting processes more efficient?

Roundesk On-Prem video conferencing- Banking digitizes and streamlines the entire meeting process, effectively cutting down 90% of the time spent on pre-meeting agenda preparation. With just a few clicks, meeting organizers can instantly send them out to participants, while participants can conveniently and securely view and access their meeting documents wherever they are.