Government Video Meeting

Roundesk Handle critical data and communication while keeping all your collaboration encrypted.

A reliable video communication platform for uncompromised secured meetings!

Government agencies are always on the hunt for ways to increase efficiency and reduce operational costs. Video conferencing is one modern solution in the digital landscape that can help with both of these goals. Presenting Roundesk On-Prem Video conferencing that helps governments and public sectors expand outreach capabilities, save money, important announcements, messages transfer time, decision-making, and increase overall efficiency in a matter of clicks.

Modernize internal communication and strengthen external alliance

Collaborate Effectively

Track the progress of welfare planning of respective regions or attend important meetings remotely.


Access management controls ensure that every device that connects to your network is verified and validated continuously.

Access From Any Device

Participants can access meeting recordings, agendas, and minutes from any device without having to install special software or plugins.

High-quality audio and video

Dolby Voice and HD Video quality let you organize crystal-clear meetings and guarantee effective communication.


Easily schedule meetings, invite participants, and share files regardless of the type of device in use.

Increase productivity, enhance collaboration, and improve engagement.

Travel restrictions or conflicting schedules became a worry in the past, making it a good investment from the nation’s welfare perspective.
Enables real-time file sharing of slideshows, paper documents, and more. It also allows you to keep meticulous meeting minutes enhancing teamwork and decision-making.
Lets officials strengthen their communication across departments as well as with the public without the need to travel.

Roundesk video conferencing solution will be a haven to begin your transition to a video communication journey. Get in touch with our consultants to know more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is this on-prem hosting?

By installing Roundesk On-prem video conference at the heart of your infrastructure, you keep full control of your installation and benefit from optimal security for your videoconferences.

Will on-premise suit Government communication?

Yes! Roundesk On-prem video conference is recommended for strictly regulated industries, divisions, and government organizations that comply with stringent security requirements, deal with sensitive data, and ensure all communication and information are locally stored. These features make on-premises a better option for the government organization.

Is this customizable to our needs?

Yes! according to your needs and internal policies. Roundesk On-prem video conference integrates seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure.

How many participants can join in a conference?

Up to 1,000 participants can join for a video conference call.

What to do in situations where some officials are left out due to their unavailability?

In that case, meetings, and conversations, can be recorded and distributed to team members who couldn't attend the actual event.