Logistics Push to Talk Audio Video Calls

Roundesk Be it a warehouse or on the road, connect and communicate in a matter of seconds and accelerate incident response!

Leverage voice communication at the press of a button and make sure everyone is staying on the same page!

Are missed calls and unread messages common in your business, especially when trying to reach your field workforce? Do these communication breakdowns cause costly delays and errors, leading to missed deadlines and dissatisfied customers?

Your logistic team is almost always engaged in Your logistic team is almost always engaged in delivering activities tasked with shipping, receiving, and storage of goods that may not allow them to receive phone calls on time. In such instances, Roundesk Push-to-talk is an ideal way to stay efficiently connected with your field workforce.

No more wasting your critical time searching for and dialing phone numbers!

Easy to Use

The simple user interface can be grasped by anyone without the need for any technical training or coding skills.

Supports 1:1 & Group Call

Conduct a 1-1 and 1-Many call with any member of your organization, regardless of the device they use

Instant Collaboration

Makes your communication more instant by sending text messages, photos, videos, documents, and locations without shuffling between desktops and mobiles.

Cross Platform Supported

It supports Android and iOS, which negates the need for businesses to invest in purchasing walkie-talkies.

Secured Communication

Enterprise-grade end-to-end encryption ensures safe and secure communication between you and your organisation.

Ensures that no business-critical message is missed

Saves ample time and offers easy connectivity between the supervisor, manager, coordinator, Work, and field personnel.
Enables instant connectivity at the press of a button, rather than engaging in tedious dialing and typing procedures.
No more struggling with the hassles of carrying additional devices or poor communications due to interrupted signals.
Real-time communication helps to reduce the time spent waiting for responses thus enhancing collaboration between the team.

Prioritizes urgent calls, effortlessly assigns requests, and cuts the chatter. Reach Roundesk to make your logistic team feel that they hear and are heard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this app help the logistics team?

Roundesk Push-to-talk app is designed to be a flexible and highly reliable communication option. Logistic personnel can join preset channels to communicate with the back office team or the admin can monitor and summon them all at once.

Does this app need learning time for the workforce?

Roundesk Push-to-talk devices and apps have a simple user interface that does not require much training.

How will this app benefit from regular phone calls?

Push-to-talk enables instant connectivity with an individual or the group at the press of a button, rather than engaging in tedious dialing or sending back-and-forth emails.

Does this Push-to-Talk app support iPhone/iOS and Android?

Yes, it does. Roundesk Push-to-Talk app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. Your workforce can easily install the app on Android and iOS smartphones and connect instantly with their team.

Is this app secure to share information?

Yes. Roundesk is designed keeping in mind the communication challenges of the field services. To ensure the security and privacy of business conversations, we offer AES 256-bit encryption on all the communication that takes place using the platform.