Mining Push to Talk Audio Video Calls

Roundesk For an undisrupted information flow to increase productivity while ensuring the safety of your underground team.

Have an update on what’s going on in and around your mining sites and have instant access to communication

The evolution of mobile phones has made everyone across the globe connect by dropping text messages, emails, or voice notes/calls. Yet, some industries such as mining, that conduct time-critical missions do not go well with these old-school methods of communication. Sending a text message and receiving a reply for that takes a reasonable amount of time.

Besides, it becomes impossible to connect to multiple people at once; There is no possibility of knowing beforehand whether the person you’re calling is available at that particular time to respond or not.

Instead having a streamlined communication tool setup is important in specific industries especially mining where on-field workforces are engaged in digging, scraping, hauling, and washing dirt and gravel. Roundesk Push-to-talk helps promote field team collaboration and eliminate costly errors.

Say goodbye to static, crosstalk, and frequency interferences

Secured Communication

Multi-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption keep your sensitive information protected

Real-time Collaboration

Seamlessly connect office and frontline teams on one solution for calling, sending video files, and text messages.

1:1 & Group Call

Allows you to connect to an individual or add a group of people to ensure efficient transfer of information ensuring everyone is aligned towards the same goal.

Supports Cross Platform

Works on any device, including Android or iOS smartphones eliminating the need for you to additional investment in walkie-talkies.

Updates on Your Fingertips

Keep track of all the incoming and outgoing PTT messages right in the palm of their hands.

Maintain order, ensure safety, and improve productivity through the benefits of bringing Roundesk push-to-talk into your mining site.

Have a faster response time in case of emergency, which saves lives and minimizes damage.
Not only this app enhances collaboration, but it also assures safety as assistance can be delivered in real-time.
The workforce can communicate using a single device, making it more convenient to manage.
Easy-to-understand application that does not require much training for any individual and needs NO tech skill to use.
As the app can be easily installed on your workforce’s mobile phone, it eliminates a business’ need to purchase any additional hardware.

Keep everyone on the same page, improve productivity, safety, and coordination, and most importantly keep everyone informed of critical information and updates

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Roundesk Push-to-Talk Work?

Roundesk Push-to-talk works by enabling a person to connect to the team or an individual at the push of a button and transmit any critical updates or messages to one or many people at once.

Will the workforce be updated with clear communication even in a noisy background?

Yes! The Dolby audio guarantees that critical communication is heard by all team members, enabling team members to discuss one-to-one or one-to-group and swiftly resolve.

How safe is the app to use?

Roundesk Push-to-talk provides ES 256-bit encrypted voice communications, which guarantees that information is safely transferred between the miners and the control center when needed.

Why should I be picking this app over walkie-talkie?

Having Roundesk Push-to-Talk works well with the miners as they may have any digital devices of their choice like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. With the Roundesk Push to Talk app, they can reach a team member while driving a haul truck far away and keep collaborating comfortably.

How do I make a Distress call to the workforce or vice-versa if any?

The SOS button on the app can be clicked to communicate any sort of emergency.