Pharmacy Video Conferencing

Roundesk For improved coordination between your research and experts and better support your customers with their well-being needs.

From internal calls with your research team to external panel sessions with clinicians, empower your team to collaborate effectively.

Collaboration on projects, especially through text messaging or compiling a long email, comes with its challenges. Rather, video conferencing software allows your team members to connect from wherever they are while saving valuable time on daily commutes and saving a chunk of change on discretionary expenses to your organization.

Embrace the most video conferencing technology to create quality medicines

Collaborate Effectively

Share your screen to open up a specific report or present a topic to your research team

Customise Backgrounds

Blur the background or customize of your choice while maintaining the level of professionalism

Customise Meetings

Restrict your participants to only authenticated users by the admin to filter out disruptive participants

End-to-End Encrypted

All your content-sensitive meetings are end-to-end encrypted and can help you share information with confidence.

Join from Any Device

The researchers from far locations can join the conference from a device of their choice

Pace up the efficiency, production quality, and drug development progress

Obtain prior authorization for prescribed drugs or monitor its formulary compliance over a quick video conference call rather than traveling to the location
Remote and unannounced inspections ensure transparency in the pharma ecosystem and conformity to the quality of production
Scheduling calls, and getting the milestone on your new project over video conferencing eventually allow for faster turnaround in product releases

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum number of participants?

The maximum room capacity is 1000 participants.

How can I be assured that data is safe?

AES 256-bit encryption ensures you won’t be exposed to risks such as interception, distortion, and leak of sensitive data and information.

Types of devices that it supports?

This is a cross-platform supported app that lets you host meetings from your iOS and Android devices rather than from a desktop.

How does it become a good choice over face-to-face meetings?

Unlimited meetings and collaboration tools like private & group chat, content slider, and screen sharing, whiteboard to break down complex topics, high-definition audio and video for crystal clear meetings, make annotations for more effective communication, recording and playback, and more. Should we be listing more to justify why Roundesk On-prem video conference is a better option?

Suggest tips for effective video calling?
  1. Stick to time limits
  2. Mute the call when you are not presenting
  3. Take a pause and listen to your audience if you see any hand raise cue
  4. Don't multitask on camera
  5. Headphones are recommended for a distraction-free meeting