Security Push to Talk Audio Video Calls

Roundesk Instantly Connect, Improve Team Communications and Receive Quick Response

Monitor your securities, manage them effectively, and summon them all at once!

Good coordination and interconnection between guards and control centers during patrolling is an important factor in being able to conduct an effective safety oversight. This becomes important when it comes to monitoring big multiplexes such as shopping malls, hotels, airports, event venues, logistics centers, and the like.

Walkie-talkie radios were in trend for a long time as they enabled front-line workers to communicate with the back-office team in push-button connectivity. However, a majority of those engaging and interacting with security today, still use traditional and outdated walkie-talkies that rely on radio communication, which is crippled by poor call quality, range limitations, and open networks which are vulnerable to security threats.

Help your workforce communicate with the distributed teams quickly and safely.

Instant Connectivity

Conduct a 1-1 and 1-Many call with any member of your organization, regardless of the device they use.

Protects Sensitive Information

All your communication is 256-bit AES encryption and protects all your sensitive data from getting leaked.

Clear Communication

Your messages are transmitted loud and clear such that conversations do not mix and it is not possible to interrupt each other.

Share Information

Multimedia sharing of text, photos, videos, and files in addition to voice messages for clear and effective communication.

MultiDevice Supported

The solution is cloud-based and communicates directly through the users’ smartphones such as tablets/laptops.

Ensures your security members stay connected and work together seamlessly, regardless of their location.

The solution is safe and the sound is much clearer than walkie-talkies, which reduces the risk of any communication being misunderstood.
Eliminates delayed responses, connects employees at the push of a button, resolves issues, makes decisions, and shares information promptly.
Even in remote locations where mobile phone signal is limited, wide coverage and superior sound quality, eliminate background noise and help to communicate crystal.
Unlike time-consuming traditional communication methods, PTT transmits information instantly and helps receive prompt responses.
No more missed phone calls, ignored text Messages, or wondering about your field personnel’s field location instead, connect at the push of a button.

Improved security measures and enhanced dispatch capabilities get only better with Roundesk Push to talk. Reach us today to unlock the perks of Push to Talk for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we choose the push-to-talk app over the PTT device?

Using the Roundesk push-to-talk app, an individual can reach a group of people with a single button press. This avoids the need to make several calls.

Devices supported to use this app?

The app is compatible with Android or iOS. The apps can also run efficiently on laptop and desktop computers as well.

How about collaboration between the workforce and the back office?

Roundesk Push-to-talk will bring instant professional communications. It gives the workforce reliable access to video, multimedia, files, and location information. Instant and secure sharing of information with a defined group of people at the push of a button makes it a must-have for industries where communication is critical between the workforce and the back office.

How long does it take for a Roundesk push-to-talk app to connect?

The connection time for Roundesk push-to-talk apps usually connects in less than seconds.

Is push-to-talk secure?

With a PTT solution designed for security-conscious professionals, your data and information are safe. The solution is AES 256-bit encryption, this ensures users and talk groups are managed securely.