Education Video Conference

Roundesk Give the liberty to busy individuals seeking knowledge to learn at their pace from anywhere, anytime!

Give access to information for your students around the world, and tap into the treasure trove of information in a click away.

Neatly lined benches, teachers providing monotonous lectures, and expecting each student to perform in the same way, at the same pace might have worked for a long time but may not yield efficient results in the digital era, and this is where Roundesk Online meeting webinar platform comes in.

Reach hundreds to thousands of students around the world without compromising on the quality of the education.

Encourage interactions

Increases interaction and students can achieve an improved understanding of the subjects.

Easy to Use

An intuitively designed app makes it easy for the students and attendees to attend the lesson or presentation.

Offer flexibility and convenience

Students, or attendees, can access the presentation anytime in their convenient schedule.


Access the webinars from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, from anywhere.

Effective teaching

Tools like whiteboard, screen sharing, and polling options allow teams to share data, and demonstrate subjects.

Bolster the learning experience in a more engaged and collaborative way

Lets you reach out to hundreds, or even thousands of people instantaneously.
Students can enroll themselves in a course that might not be available at their native location.
Brings people from different parts of the world together sharing a common interest in learning.
Students do not have to burn their wallets in transportation or accommodation to get a quality education.
An educational institution does not have to make huge investments in classrooms to accommodate students.

Sounds like a dream? If you’re an educator interested in using a webinar for your class or institution, contact Roundesk Online meeting webinar platform today to arrange a free demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the students access the webinar?

When your students register for your webinars, they will be sent a link to their registered email for a link to join.

Can the students rewatch the webinar afterward?

Yes! All of your Webinars can be recorded and can be made available afterward for them to watch in a comfortable time.

Do the students need any specific software or programme installed to join a webinar?

The answer is as your students like it! They can either download the app in their phone client or you can access the webinars using your web browser. They can easily access videos before or during the session.

How can they ask a question in the webinar?

Participants can clarify their doubts in a ‘Q&A’ box where they can type and submit questions to the panelists and gain more clarity with their text answers.

Things needed to access the webinar effectively?

To access the webinar, participants will need any device of their choice, a stable internet connection, headphones preferably, or speakers for a distraction-free session.