Health Video Conference

Roundesk Encourage compliance with medical treatment regimens and promote healthy lifestyles altogether.

Improve healthcare-related consultation and elevate and enrich patient engagement

It is an undeniable matter of fact that a proper diagnosis of a disease and effective treatments are, of course, essential to an individual’s prognosis and quality of life. Also, it is equally important to be sufficiently informed, since a patient’s misunderstanding of a condition and its care can likely result in non-compliance to a doctor’s recommendations, and adversely affect health outcomes.

Hence it is inevitable to impart a good health education to improve patient compliance and outcomes. The more a disease and its effect are understood, the more likely it is that an individual will be comfortable with their self-care and adhere to health regimens.

To improve patient education and make it the most effective, try Roundesk webinar to communicate in an understandable and impactful way to all your patients.

Give your patients access to essential health information resulting in enhanced patient satisfaction.

Record and Playback

Record the meeting, save it for reference later, or securely share it with those who could not attend.

Share Information Effectively

Discuss a range of subjects in detail through the use of whiteboards, chats, and file sharing.

Access From Any Device

Patients can join the session from any location and any device of their choice

Arm your patients with a wealth of healthcare information at their fingertips

Attendees can join from any location with a stable internet connection
Eliminates the need for travel and simplifies participation for healthcare providers, and patients.
Increases trust and confidence between patients and healthcare professionals.

Roundesk Webinar assists you in providing top-notch, instructive webinars to your target audience, regardless of whether you represent a healthcare organization, a medical practice, or an educational institution. So what are you still waiting for? Get in touch with us right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the webinar be recorded live?

Yes, you can host live webinars that can be later made available On Demand.

Do we need to mute every attendee on the webinar manually?

No! As an attendee, they are automatically muted.

How do the participants join a webinar?

Once registered, they’ll receive a confirmation email with a Join Link. They can open this link in their browser at the scheduled time or be able to join the webinar, after the installation of the app successfully.

How can the attendees ask questions to the experts?

If your participants have joined the webinar, they can post their queries in the questions box.

What downloads are required to attend the webinar?

Both web-based and downloads are supported. The participant can choose from the options based on their comfort.