Product Demo Video Conference

Roundesk Showcase your product to a large audience, increase brand awareness, and drive successful demos.

Whether live or on-demand, share your demo with hundreds of leads all at once!

Tired of giving product demos dully and routinely? Does it feel like a ponderous task to list out features of your products and services? All these efforts are resulting in utter Failure to capture your lead’s attention. Desperately looking for a solution to elevate your product demos to stand out from the crowd and convert your lead to customers?

Enhance your product demos using Roundesk Webina

Custom Branding

Customized live experience based on your business goals, ensures your audiences recognise your business from the very first event.

Collaborate Effectively

Keep everyone informed through sharing of media like file sharing, and presenting videos to make the presentation even more gripping.

Engage your audience

Provide a visual and immersive experience that resonates with viewers and helps them envision how your product can solve their problems.

Run Polls

Engage your audience with fully customizable polls; gather feedback on the efficacy of your product demo.

Send and Reply Texts

Engaging in a live chat with one another helps build professional relationships between you and your audiences.

Dive in and discover the secrets to creating compelling product demos that will captivate your audience!

Showcase your products, engage your audience, and drive conversions.
Lets your leads access the demo from anywhere, even on the go.
Leverage the power of video and create a memorable and persuasive product demo.
Make your audience familiar with your brand making it easier for them along the sales funnel.
Enables you to reach out to participants and sponsors anywhere in the world as there are no geographical barriers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the webinar be made available to the audience who can’t make it at the scheduled time?

Yes, the webinar can be recorded and can be repurposed afterward or can be sent out in emails.

Do I need to mute every participant in the webinar?

No for every attendee, it is automatically muted.

How do I make my audience join the webinar?

Once they have registered successfully, they will receive a confirmation email with a Join Link. Your participants can open the link in your browser at the scheduled time.

Any fee for webinar registration charged from participants?

There is no registration fee charged for attending the webinar. It’s free!

After attendees register, will they get a reminder for the webinar session so that they don’t miss it?

Yes, they will receive adequate reminders before the webinar.