On-Prem Video Conference Application

What is On-Prem Video Conference Application? Who Can opt for it?

Whether your business has a geographically dispersed team, offices in multiple cities, regions, or across countries, then video conferencing is key to keeping everyone on the same page. Opting for some random video conference poses many potential threats by malicious intruders to attempt to gain access to your network because of the multiple entry points that the model may have. Such vulnerable threats have put security at the top of most corporate agendas, as a breach or cyber attack results in significant disruption or even devastation of the entire business ecosystem.

In response to demand, Roundesk, a unified communications platform has rolled out on-prem video conferencing, and we are already offering all kinds of bells and whistles.

Organizations may opt for an on-prem video conferencing platform to boost video meetings’ security, giving them greater control over their conversations and important data. At Roundesk, we see on-prem video conferencing as a key part of the security equation for companies everywhere.

What is on-prem in the video conferencing world?

In an on-prem video conference platform, the organization sets up and manages its video conference infrastructure on its own servers or cloud resources. According to a research report, companies were asked about the key drivers for preferring on-premises software, 65% cited security as the top reason. As claimed in the studies, Roundesk on-Prem video conferencing software gives an organization full control over the technical aspects, and configuration, as well as the data privacy and security of the video conferences they host. 

Who should host secure video conferences on-premises

Self-hosting your video conferencing solution on-premises is the most recommended option for organizations with stringent privacy and tight security requirements. For industries that often include government, healthcare, and other organizations that handle and discuss sensitive data, like those in the financial industry, on-premises storage may be a preferred option as it defends you from third parties and prying eyes and restricts anyone other than authorized personnel. 

How does the Roundesk On-prem video conference solution benefit your business?

  • Suppose your company has niche needs that aren’t regularly covered by options in the industry. In that case, Roundesk on-premises video conference software can be customized according to your specific requirements and internal policies. We help you experience the flexibility and control you desire.

  • Your sensitive meetings are stored locally in your data center. This gives you full control and allows you to implement internal data protection policies in the best possible way.

With that being said, Roundesk offers the features and tools to help you make the best decision for your team. So whether you’re looking for a more secure, private connection or need an easy-to-use solution available anywhere, Roundesk can help you with a scalable and flexible most importantly secure video conferencing solution.

Try it today and elevate your business and team meetings!