Top Features of Cloud Video Conferencing Platforms

Top Features of Cloud Video Conferencing

Video conferencing platforms have revolutionized how we connect and collaborate in today’s digital age. These virtual connect services provide a convenient solution for virtual meetings, online education, presentations, and global collaborations through video and audio communication. 


How Roundesk Cloud Video Conferencing Benefits to Your Communication Needs?

Opting Roundesk cloud-hosted video conferences means customers can access instant one-click video meeting links directly from their browsers—no complex software downloads, no time-consuming setup process, or higher installation and maintenance costs. Our cloud-based video conferencing systems are more lightweight, easier to set up, cheaper, and help you save overhead costs that otherwise account for hosting, hiring IT specialists, administrative support, and expensive hardware upkeep.


Roundesk cloud video conferencing solution has unique features and capabilities to enhance communication and productivity.

  • Simple interface

With its intuitive interface and robust features, Roundesk cloud video conferencing solution offers seamless virtual meetings, for individuals and businesses alike. 

  • Audio/Video Quality

Our platform enables Dolby-quality audio and High-Definition video conferences ensuring that instructions, agreements, and other important information are communicated effectively. 

  • Supports 1-1 and Group call

It is not limited to small groups but includes large conferences involving multiple parties.

  • Screen Sharing

Allows your team to share data, file, show demos, and dynamically collaborate in real-time without sending the documents around or creating communication in between.

  • Send Instant Chats

It helps your team fetch a response quicker than just the same day. 


  • Record and Playback

Recording options allow your team to catch up with the discussion in their own time.

  • Compatible with multiple browsers

Enables real-time communication capabilities directly within web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera

  • Multi-OS Supported

The solution is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android

  • Tailored to your business needs

Unlike regular commercial applications that have a standardized template and don’t fit everyone’s unique business needs, we offer white-label options to embed the video conferencing solution directly into your brand.

  • Calendar Integration

Integrates with existing calendars like Outlook and Google Calendar for better meeting schedules management.

  •  Active Speaker View

The active speaker view makes it easy to focus on the person currently speaking.

  • Gallery view

Gallery view helps you to focus more closely on groups of participants in a meeting room and display them more clearly to the attendees, ensuring equity and inclusion for everyone.

  • Access Control

User access control ensures that only authorized users have access to your conferencing app. 

  • Activity Log

Roundesk meeting history reporting acts as a reference and offers you insights into past interactions, documenting decisions, aiding in training, and providing an audit trail.

  • Meeting highlights

Helps you recall the decisions made, deadlines set, and other actions taken during the meeting.

  • Exporting meeting chat history 

Helps you keep communications records, knowledge transfer, meet legal and compliance requirements, and whatnot.

  • Whiteboard

Running out of words to show your ideas in the virtual meeting? Then draw them out on the whiteboard feature. 

  • Drive Mode

Use audio only and have a touch-to-speak button to reduce road noise. Driving Mode enables you to stop your video, and your mic will be muted. To speak, tap the mic button.

  • Randomized Meeting IDs & Meeting Passcodes

Allow users to organize secure meetings quickly. This feature randomly generates meeting IDs and passwords each time a user creates a new meeting.

  • Secured Transmit of Information

AES 256-bit encryption ensures confidentiality during online meetings, seminars, and negotiations. Even if an intruder tries to intercept in between the meetings, he will not be able to decrypt the information.


Cloud video conferencing is a crucial collaboration tool in today’s digital landscape. Its benefits include seamless remote collaboration, global reach with your team, clients, partners, and stakeholders with reduced travel costs, increased productivity, enhanced communication, and flexibility for businesses of any size. 

Embrace Roundesk cloud video conferencing today to empower your individuals and organizations to overcome distance barriers and leverage the power of real-time face-to-face interactions, ultimately driving success in the modern world.