Push to Talk for Your Critical Communication

Why Use Push to Talk for Your Critical Communication?

In remote or hybrid working business models, smartphones are the most sought-after communication in today’s digital landscape. A professional can’t imagine a day without checking emails, connecting with colleagues, and attending meetings using one’s smartphone. But, do smartphones guarantee calls to be attended every time and read messages are commonplace, especially when trying to reach your field workforce?


Workforces are always engaged in physical and heavy-duty operations that may not allow them to receive phone calls on time. So how do they connect and not miss any critical communication? Roundesk Push-to-Talk will be an answer if you wonder! Our PTT app guarantees an ideal way to stay efficiently connected with your field workforce.

For uninterrupted and instant communication in time-sensitive situations that occur in industries such as

  • Healthcare

  • Public safety, 

  • Security

  • Construction

  • Transportation, 

  • and manufacturing. 

Roundesk PTT enables quick, efficient communication confined to a predefined group of people who need to be updated with any sort of emergency and critical communications. Having instant access to communicate with your network is why our PTT app should be the mainstay in environments where coordinating teams in a time-critical manner is crucial.

Collaborate with your workforce to exchange information without fear of interception and leaks. 

  • Instantly collaborate with an individual or your entire team. 

  • Supports iOS and Android.

  • Real-time video streaming to an individual or group

  • Send text, share documents, pictures, or videos to your whole group or to just one person. 


How better is the Roundesk PTT app than the apps that are available freely in the app store?

It may sound like a cost-effective approach and a good decision to download a commercial, often free app from a generic app store. But do not forget the fact that they are not suitable and not safe for effective communication especially where critical sharing of updates is inevitable. 

With a Roundesk PTT solution designed for security-conscious industries be assured that your data and information are safe. The solution encrypts the communications. Also, activities are logged for your quick and future reference and audits.

Wrapping Up


The field workforce is a vital part of any business. It lies in the organization’s responsibility to ensure they are aligned and updated to the internal communication. And Roundesk PTT aptly can help you with this. You can reap the benefits of our PTT app which offers powerful enterprise-grade communication.