Choose Video Conferences for your Business Meetings

Why should you choose video conferences for your business meetings?

The success of a business is built around a great team. But to work seamlessly and coordinate between the team, clients, partners, or stakeholders an organization needs the right collaboration tools especially if they are geographically dispersed. And that’s in this digital age, companies are choosing to adopt a collaborative platform like Roundesk video conferencing solution to foster team collaboration. 


What is a Roundesk video conferencing solution?

Roundesk video conferencing solution is a virtual workspace with centralized tools, information, and resources that are more recommended for remote and hybrid teams, clients, and partners who are geographically dispersed.

Most Compelling reasons to adopt Roundesk video conferencing solution.

We let you enjoy the best video call with photo-realistic colors and crystal clear voice, our Dolby voice quality which is second to none.

If you are tired of losing all your productive hours looking for documents or juggling different tools all day long, then Roundesk video conferencing solution comes to the rescue.

It lets you store all your documents, files, and work tools in a single space that can be easily accessible by the relevant team involved.

  • The project manager or client can comment directly through the chatbox, saving everyone precious minutes channelizing it for more value-added tasks.

  • Create a brainstorming session with a whiteboard feature, solve problems, foster creativity and innovation, share ideas, strengthen ties, and develop a relationship.

  • Notifications through emails send you meeting reminders so that no more e-mails are forgotten, lost, or accidentally deleted. 

  • In addition, you can manage the access rights of each project like project team members, customers, partners, suppliers, and alike. 

  • End-to-end encryption and multi-factor authentication ensure the protection and confidentiality of your information.

The main advantage of a collaborative platform is that it allows you to integrate with popular calendar applications, such as Office 365, Yahoo Calendar, iCal, Outlook, and Google Calendar, allowing you to efficiently schedule appointments without having to juggle between your different software because everything is centralized on the same platform.

No matter how far away you are, interact with your team members anytime, using chat or video calls and screen sharing.

Empower your team to complete tasks, monitor project progress in real-time, share ideas, documents, files, or communicate with colleagues through an app installed on any device of their choice or directly connect through a web link right from their browser

Our range of interactive and engaging products for your business

Roundesk Cloud

Access instant one-click video meetings directly from your browsers. No software downloads, no complex setup process, no tech issues, and no troubleshooting. Our cloud-based audio-video conferencing solutions are hassle-free, easier to set up, cheaper, and help your organization avoid overhead costs related to hosting, IT specialists, administrative support, and hardware upkeep.  

Roundesk On-Prem

By installing Roundesk on-prem at the heart of your infrastructure, you keep full control of your audio-video conference data. Takes only a few hours to deploy. Get upgrades in simple clicks with zero impact on network security policies. 

Roundesk Webinar

Forget meeting fatigue, dull webinars, and complex workflows. Build engaging events in minutes and make your potential clients feel wow! From interactive video calls for your closest associates to hosting huge virtual events for up to 1000s of participants worldwide. To host or join your audio-video conference all you and your audience need is an internet connection and an up-to-date browser. Or you can always use mobile devices. The choice is yours!

Push to Talk

Although smartphones have added innumerable benefits for individuals to communicate like texts, voice calls, and video calls, they might not be considered the most reliable option for one to connect over a voice call. In place, Roundesk Push-to-talk is most recommended for situations like emergency and natural calamities relief campaigns, and industries construction sites, hospitals, and similar places or verticals where quick connection and precise communication becomes inevitable.

Still, on the fence, hoping that using your traditional mode of communication will ensure success for your business meetings? Then try Roundesk video conferencing for a quick product tour and find out for yourself how it can do wonders for your business!