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Roundesk Townhall

Collaborate at scale, with larger global audience

Host interactive webinars, events, educational videos, on-demand videos and a lot more for large-scale audiences with ease. Roundesk Townhall offers exclusive features suitable for larger meetings and larger teams without compromising on quality.

Size it up — collaborate with your whole team faster and better

Record and Playback Icon
Recording and playback
Polling and Engagement Icon
Instant polls and engagement
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White Boarding and Presentation mode
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Screen Sharing and Screen Reading
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Broadcast and join from any device
Event-first approach for your not-so-small meetings

Put a fullstop to using your regular video conferencing software for larger meetings. Roundesk Townhall is carefully tailored to provide the best experience while you host webinars, town halls and other large-scale events — we know it’s not the same as your everyday meetings.

Roundesk Meet's interface is optimized for larger groups
Roundesk Meet features white-boarding
Make your Webinars more Interactive

Who said large meetings cannot be interactive? Host engaging webinars, town halls and classroom sessions with live polls, white-boarding facilities, screen sharing, screen reading, break out rooms and a lot more.

Roundesk Meet offers customization options to meet your business needs
A solution that benefits your need

Roundesk Townhall can be customized to suit your use case depending on the type of meetings, size of audience and other requirements. Classroom sessions, tele-education, webinars, town halls, virtual events, team all-hands — what’s your pick?

Collaborate with larger audience at ease with Roundesk Townhall

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